How to choose appropriate OCXOs

Many engineers have wrong points when they decide to use which type of OCXOs. Here is pieces of advice about OCXOS.

How are OCXOs' tested?

1. Each OCXO must be tested separately,DON'T test several OCXO or several parameters. 

2. Tests should be carried out in strict accordance with the standard test circuit and test environment. 

3. If there aren't equivalent test equipments and engineers, it is not recommended to test or debug OCXO by customers. The level of the test equipments should be at least an order of magnitude higher than OCXOs' parameters.

4, for different manufacturers of products, especially products from different countries, there are some indicators of the test methods are not the same, should understand the similarities and differences between the manufacturers in advance and unify opinions so as to reduce unnecessary troubles. 

5. For some short-term indicators such as frequency accuracy, startup characteristics, etc., repeat tests should be done several times to reduce the contingency of test results. 

How do customers choose matched OCXOs? 

1. It's not wise onlt to pyursue high indicators. Because high indicators mean a significant increase in costs and bad delivery. 

2, Keep an eye on alternative package and try not to use non-standard package. 

3. Try not to pull in the delivery time. 

4. Customers should focus on the crystal source and process control capability of the manufacturer when it comes to ability of manufacturers. 

5. If possible, it's better to allow the manufacturer to give pices of reasonable advice during the design of end-products.