New Products-BV0507/BV0914/BV1220 Series

    XTATLQ Technologies always concentrates on developing  and researching new technology so as to catch up to market demand. VCXO-BV0507/BV0914/BV1220 are available, which can reach 40MHz~130MHz. They are ulitizing xtal with high Q and 3rd overtone to provide low phase noise,low jitter and CMOS output. 100MHz and 122.88MHz are widely used to this market. 

BV0507             BV0914           BV1220

Main Parameters:

Supply Voltage: 3.3V

Operating temperature: -40~+85℃

Tuning  range: ±25ppm

Phase noise: -160dBc/1KHz

Others: no subharmonic, lower jitter during 12KHz~5M

Application: Network Equipment, Measurement instrument, Medical Electronics,Infrastructure Equipment etc.


100MHz  RMS Jitter 40fs

122.88MHz RMS Jitter 40fs