BV0507E Extended Frequency Pulling Range VCXO

XtalTQ released a VCXO, BT0507E Series. It is designed for extended frequency pulling range in application like radio and satellite communications. This device produces a CMOSoutput and can be used under 3.3V and 5V supply voltage. The package is 7.0mm×5.0mm and available with frequencies between 10MHz and 50MHz.


  • Frequency Range: 10MHz~50MHz
  • Phase noise@50MHz: -140dBc/1KHz
  • Extended Frequency Pulling Range: ≥±50ppm(APR is about ≥±40ppm
  • High Impedence at Vcon: 500Ω
  • Supply current is ≤20mA
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V and 5V
  • CMOS output