Top well-known manufacturers of oscillators and standard frequency for relative application

List of well-known manufacturers of oscillators

USA: Abracon, Connor-winfield, CTS, ECS, Jauch Quartz, Rakon, Raltron, Microsemi(Vectron)

Europe: Euro Quartz, Golledge, Micro Crystal, Morion

Japan: Citizen, Epson, Murata, Kyocera, KDS, NDK

Taiwan:Mercury, TXC, Taitien

The standard frequency for application

Application Standard Frequency
Wireless telecommunication, GPS, RF parking radar,navigation, 16.000MHz,12.000MHz,26.000MHz,19.2MHz
MW synthesizerRF signal generator
10.000MHz, 100.000MHz
Bank Security instruments, Dongle, Test Equipments, Remote Meter Reading  50.000MHz,48.000MHz,4.000MHz,12.000MHz,50.000MHz,10.000MHz,
Other Hardware 14.318MHz, 24.576MHz, 25MHz, 27MHz, 32.768KHz